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Give. Give. Give.

Giving is so often thought of

in terms of the things we give…

But our greatest giving is

of our time…

our kindness…

and even comfort

for those who need it.

We look on these gifts as unimportant –


we need them.

Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Let us all be a ‘giving’ community.

Giving of our time…our talents…and treasure…


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The 3 Fs of Happiness

Happiness ranges from the simple, APPRECIATION to the more complex, FORGIVENESS.

But by exploring these different facets we increase our capacity for happiness.

While facing challenging times too, happiness becomes a conscious choice.

How do we keep happy?


Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. — Michael Jordan

If we love our jobs, then we never need to do a day’s work in our life.

Fun brings out the child in each of us and returns us to who we are….alive and aligned.

In this fast-paced, challenge-fazed world, we need to remember to have fun.


We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right. — Marianne Williamson

Focus is powerful…it influences our happiness & it directs our lives.

Focus on kindness.

Focus on being mindful.

Focus on your strengths.

Focus on opportunities.

Focus on the newness each day brings.

Focus on your uniqueness.

Focus on what makes you happy.


When you forgive, you in no way change the past, but you sure do change the future.– Bernard Meltzer

Our reactive, natural response to getting hurt is to get even.

How do we let them off the hook? How can we let them go? Where is justice in all this?

To forgive someone is tricky and very difficult.

But when we make that choice…to forgive, we are not holding on to resentment and are releasing ourselves from wallowing in bitterness. Forgiveness actually is for our benefit. The Buddha says: “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned.”

Forgiveness is not accepting unkindness; it is about our healing and freedom.

Have fun.

Stay focused.

Show forgiveness.

(Adapted from The Project Happiness Handbook by Randy Taran and Maria Lineger)

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My Shared World.



We are…








   We are a C.O.M.M.U.N.I.T.Y.  


   Happiest Minds is our Shared World.

Let’s make it a happier place

     By Sharing willingly

     Be being Mindful intentionally

     By displaying Integrity rightly

     By Learning continually

     By demonstrating Excellence proactively; and

     By being Socially responsible joyfully.

Let us give away SMILES 🙂 🙂 🙂

For in exuding happiness, we spread happiness.


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Communication and Happiness

Communication is central to our success. It maintains and sustains relationships within a Company. The challenge is to channel the myriad communication means so that they enhance the Company’s competitiveness and bolster happiness.

Therefore, it is important to watch out for toxic communication patterns, referred to by John Gottman, psychologist at the University of Washington, as the ‘Four horsemen of the Apocalypse’.

  • Criticism – attacking the other’s actions and behaviours, conveying the I am Okay – You are not okay belief.
  • Contempt – attacking the other’s core sense of who they are: sarcasm, name-calling and hostility.
  • Defensiveness – refusing to listen to feedback received and defending our viewpoint.
  • Stonewalling – refusing to interact, not engaging in conversation, communicating via monosyllabic responses

To be the happiest person and create the happiest workplace, it is important that our communication is sustained, inclusive and transparent.

Our communication predicts our happiness.