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The Key to Freedom


When we feel we have been wronged, telling the story over and over only makes us feel worse.

The more we relive it, the more we hurt yourself.

Labeling someone else as wrong and ourselves as a victim takes away our power and leaves us holding the weight of resentment and anger.

When we recognize we are in this place, there is a  way out.

Forgive them for hurting us once, and forgive ourselves for keeping the hurt alive.

Forgiveness is freedom.


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If I can can, then you can can

There is nothing in the world we cannot do.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, if only we believe we can.

If I can can, then you can can.

Watch Maysoon Zayid, an Arab-American comedian who has not let cerebral palsy limit her nor her love for life.

Very touching and poignant.

My heart is softened and my eyes are wet.