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Mindful Listening

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Hunters wait for long stretches silently as they keep an ear open for the cry or call of a prey.

They listen to shifts in the wind, rustles in the foliage, warnings from other animals or even an inner voice that urges them to wait a little bit longer.

In  a similar way, each of us have to bring to work and to our interactions, our own version of attentiveness and practice varying degrees of concentration.

Do we pay heed to what we do? We tend to be distracted, more often than not.

Do we hold our listening focus for long stretches? We drift off into the future, ruminate about the past or simply tune off.

Do we practice mindful listening when one is talking? We sometimes give the appearance of being present in a conversation when, in fact, our mind is elsewhere.

Do we respond in defence or in reply after having listened to the other? We must be silent before we can listen.

Mindfulness encourages us to center on what is actually happening in the present and to be keenly aware of our inner responses to what is unfolding externally. (Diggins, 2011)

Whether at work or in a conversation, let us anchor ourselves to the present moment.

Let us practice mindfulness.

Mindful Listening.


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