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When he heard his five year old son Ian say, “I got to be Class Leader today; I got to open doors for people!”, Bill Treasurer set to formulating his insights into the characteristics of a successful leader.

In his book “Leaders Open Doors: A Radically Simple Leadership Approach to Lift People, Profits, and Performance ” he contends that:

*  Effective leadership isn’t about having power over people, it’s about doing good for people

*  Leadership isn’t so much about the leader, rather it’s more so about those being led.

*  Leadership is about noticing, identifying, and creating opportunities for others.

*  Leadership is about opening doors for those being led.

Treasurer explains that an open-door leader opens six opportunity doors that represents ways that a leader can elevate standards and potentially change lives for the better. They affect. They amend. They alter.

  1. THE PROVING GROUND DOOR: Open-door leaders tap into our deep desire to excel and achieve when they give us opportunities to prove ourselves to ourselves. They give us a shot at performing at a higher level.
  2. THE THOUGHT-SHIFT DOOR: To keep us from being narrow or habitual in our thinking, Open-door leaders help shift our perspective so we can apply our imagination more fully.
  3. THE DOOR TO A SECOND CHANCE: Open-door leaders have a higher tolerance for mistakes, seeing them as great opportunities to learn and grow.
  4. OPENING DOORS FOR OTHERS: Open-door leaders intentionally go out of their way to reach the people who are least like themselves in order to ensure that everyone has a fair shot.
  5. THE DOOR TO PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: The well-timed and good-intentioned feedback of an admired leader can change the entire trajectory of one’s career. Open-door leaders are often catalyst figures who bring about our own life and career transformations.
  6. THE DOOR TO YOUR OPEN HEART: Open-door leaders actively show that they care about us and our well-being. They reveal themselves to us, letting us see their own hardships, vulnerabilities, and human idiosyncrasies. In short, they are “real” with us.

Are we Open-door leaders? Can we lighten the leadership load and get back to what is most essential? Creating opportunities for those you are privileged to lead and being real with them.


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