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Lessons for Life from Football

Dear Team.


They call it a ‘high’ you cannot buy. An adrenaline rush that stays on for ninety minutes and more.

Fighting. Tripping. Scraping. Pushing. Shoving. More pushing. Tumbling.

Torn Muscles. Stretched Ligaments. Broken Vertebra.

Football may be just a game, but it really is so much more.  

Watching the Rio fever pervade my life, there are some important lessons that I learn.

Lessons that can be learnt for work and for life.

  1. Community & Teamwork

Football requires an unique brand of teamwork that understands one’s role in relationship with the others’. Every player in  a team is part of a collective fighting for the same goal and trusting them to do their job is of utmost importance. The team wins when the individual wins. And the individual wins when the team wins.

  1. Discipline & Hard work

Football is a game where the player needs to continually practise in order to hone skills. It requires a regimen of discipline and hard work. A sport that differentiates those who are willing to put in the hard work from those who don’t.  

  1. Perseverance & Determination

Being the best means preparing, persevering, and practicing. Muller and Messi can vouch for it. As they prepare for their challenge tonight, they would confidently say that persevering is what got them this far. And if they stick with it, there will be a huge payoff in the end.

  1. Consistent Communication

No team can win without communicating to each other. They constantly talk to one another, encouraging each other, calling for the ball, telling others about the space around them, and how close the opposition are to them. Communication is absolutely vital; if the team does not communicate, it would be absolute and total chaos.

  1. Flexibility & Adaptability

This World Cup was by far more challenging than most, as the teams played games in varying climates, altitudes, and times of day, with long flights between venues and an infrastructure and culture that was prone to offer a lot of “surprises”. This led to increased risks of fatigue, injuries, and illness. The two teams that prevailed were the ones who were able to flexibly adapt, the ones who were most responsive to change.

  1. Substantial Support

There is this mushrooming support staff, an entire team of fitness experts, dieticians, physiotherapists, psychologists and so on who work tirelessly, behind the scenes to contribute to the game.

Tonight, as we watch the face-off between Argentina and Germany, one team will say at the end of it “Winning is Everything.”  


However it is important for Team # 2 to say: Winning isn’t everything but making the effort to win is everything. Success to us has been hard work, dedication, and the determination that we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

We did our best. We gave it our all.  

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Everything is connected to everything else.” May both the teams find happiness and success in their lives. 


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When we say “SMILES Values”what do we mean?

As a Happiest Mind, we are expected to understand and live the values.

As members of the People Practice community, this becomes even more pertinent as people look for these values in us.

As we read through the values and their attributes, let us prefix the words ‘AM I’ or ‘DO I’ or any other appropriate question before every line.

This will mirror where we stand and help us internalize our SMILES Values, in our Happy journey at Happiest Minds.

 Many SMILES to us 🙂 🙂 🙂


Team player

Mentor . Inspire . Encourage

Willing to share knowledge

Receive . Apprise . Impart

Willing to help others

Support . Reward . Motivate


Attentive to the interests of others

            Empathetic . Considerate . Sensitive

Polite and courteous

            Gracious . Respectful . Humble

Displaying kindness & concern for others

            Caring . Thoughtful . Helpful

Careful attention to doing things correctly

            Heedful . Efficient . Responsible


Respect commitments not just in letter, but in spirit

            Reliable . Trustworthy . Dependable

Exhibit professional, intellectual and financial integrity

            Truthful .  Transparent . Honest

Stay with the right; not the convenient

            Fair .  Objective . Upright


Willing to acquire new skills and knowledge

            Curious .  Inquiring . Seeking


            Focused . Continuous . Consistent

Creativity and Innovation in implementing ideas

            Imaginative . Strategic . Resourceful


High aspirations for Excellence

Plan . Achieve . Persevere

Consistent High Performance

Accomplish . Attain . Realize 

Strong action orientation

            Disciplined . Proactive . Resilient


Responsible corporate citizen

            Aware . Law-abiding . Accountable

Stakeholders’ Interests

            Protect . Safeguard . Sustain

Diversity in the Workplace

            Appreciate . Include . Celebrate

Environmental responsibility & Giving back to community

            Grateful . Contribute . Impactful