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We are all influenced by a combination of preferences for thinking (head, cognitive), doing (hands, behavioural) and feeling (heart, affective). One of these tends to be our predominant anchor in our lives and they impact our work and our relationship with others.


Influence of Head – The Thinkers – Influential and Innovative
• Prefer to think before acting and are driven more by cognitive logic and reasoning than by emotion.
• Prefer rational ideas and structure. Pure intellect is held as the sharpest skill and any problem is simply a case of insufficient data or understanding.
• They use logical language and expect the world around them to be rational and behave in predictable ways.
• Don’t like to take anyone’s word for something. They need to figure out everything for themselves.
• Low threshold of emotional overload and hence fear emotion. They may also have high control needs and fear the loss of control that emotion brings.
• An innovator and a brilliant thinker. Their brain excels at understanding problems that are fascinating and intriguing. Their mind is immersed in solving interesting challenges and exploring uncharted lands.

Influence of Hands – The Doers – Ingenious and Creative
• Prefer to do things and then worry later about whether it was the right thing to do.
• Get into action and have found out practically what works and what does not work.
• Believe that the only understanding worth having is gained through direct experience. Rather than think-try-think, they will try-think-try.
• They use physical language and expect the world to behave sensibly.
• Action-oriented people may see those who pay attention to feelings as being soft-headed and weak-willed. Doing the job is considered the real issue and such side-lines as motivation is seen as a wasteful distraction.
• A highly creative person, with profound imagination, and an appetite for original thinking. Naturally, the brain has a way of figuring out how the things they see in their head should come about into the real world. Whether it’s visual or auditory, all creativity stems from nature and they get their inspiration from it to create something that is truly marvellous.

Influence of Heart – The Feelers – Empathetic and Sensitive
• They are very compassionate and prefer to think first about their feelings and the feelings of other people.
• Learn by experiencing and seeing how they feel about their experiences. Before acting, they may internally rehearse a situation to predict how things will feel.
• They use affective language and expect people to be considerate with one another.
• They have a heart that is truly empathetic. They understand people in a deeply remarkable way.
• They have the talent of connecting on a human level with almost anyone on the Earth – even those considered intimidating.

•  They have it in themselves to improve the quality of life of others, and their touch can make people understand that they matter.
In our relationships with one another, let us watch and listen to people to find their preferences, then let us talk to those preferences.
• For Head people, talk about the ideas and the theories and the bigger picture.
• For Hands people, talk about what has been done and how things really work in practice.
• For Heart people talk about how people feel and the implications for society.

Are you ruled by your head, your hands or your heart?

Let us find out in this short quiz: http://www.blogthings.com/areyouruledbyyourhandsheadorheartquiz/


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