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Restoring A City

Ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things.

We saw this happening at Chennai where countless men and women – young and old got down to restoring the city.

Our very own Happiest Minds – Venkatesh Kolli, Sapna Yadav, Palaniappan Kumaraswamy, Ayyappan Rathinaswamy, Saravanakumar Govindarajan and Veera Raghavan Rajasekaran went to Chennai to partner with World Vision (https://www.worldvision.in/) in this restoration mission.


…sorted & packed relief materials

…loaded them onto trucks.

…travelled in the trucks

…unloaded relief materials.

…distributed the relief materials

Touching nearly 200 lives.

All of them had one thing to say, that serving the needs of the people was a defining experience in their lives.

Venkatesh, Sapna, Palani, Ayyappan, Saravana & Veera, I am proud to be your colleague.

Chennai Relief_14Dec2015.jpg


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Mindfulness @ Work


We have an open-office policy at work.

While this  conveys collaboration and transparency, they are difficult on ears and concentration.




…Corridor Discussions.

…Ringing phones.

…Speaker phone conversations

…Voices in the cubicles.

…Sounds generated by co-workers.

There is no getting away from these sounds and other ‘white noise’ that constantly and consistently intrude into one’s flow of thought.

There are ways we can create sound buffers – listen to music or use apps that help obscure distracting sounds.

The best thing however that we can all do: let us remember that we, too, generate sounds that intrude on our fellow team mates.

Let us keep our voice down, our music low and “make noise unto others as we would have them make noise unto us”